Parade Notes

Parade Chair’s Notes

Parade Check-In at 9:00am~ Parade starts at 10:30am

Check in will be at 1801 First Street, Snohomish, WA 98290.  When you check in, the Seafair Parade Marshals will give you your parade entry number; line up order and any additional instructions.

Everyone is asked to enter Assembly (Check-In) from the West, off 2nd. If you’re coming from SR 9, either direction, take the 2nd St. exit, then stay to your right at the ‘Y’. This will put you onto 1st. We will be at the bottom of the hill. If you are coming from town, or past Harvey Field, go east at 2nd and take a left at Ave. J.  Again, this will put you onto 1st & we’ll be at the bottom of the hill. Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed to enter the staging area from 1st & Ave. D or 2nd Street using Avenues D, E,F,G,H, or I.  For GPS purposes please use 1801 First Street for location for Assembly.

Here are a few reminders:

  •  Be sure that if you have a vehicle in the parade that you have submitted proof of insurance with your application. It can be emailed to Parade.  When you or your Insurance Co. send it, please reference your Unit Name on the policy.
    • Vehicles with 4 wheels must send a copy of their standard insurance card via email to INSURANCE CARD EMAIL ADDRESS or mail to Kla Ha Ya, PO BOX 571, Snohomish, WA 98291.
    • Vehicles with over 4 wheels, vehicles towing other modes of transportation, equestrians and/or floats must send (or have sent) a copy of an insurance company indemnity forms naming Kla-Ha-Ya Days as additional insured.  If it is coming from your Insurance Co., please have them reference your Unit Name on the policy. Certificates may be emailed to INSURANCE CERTIFICATE  or mail to Kla Ha Ya, PO BOX 571, Snohomish, WA 98291. 
  • Equestrian entries are REQUIRED to have clean-up crew.  If marshals note you don’t have a crew you will be charged $100 for clean-up.
  • No unit shall will have spectators following the unit down the route, on street or sidewalk,  violators will be pulled from the parade by Marshals if they do not comply
  • Please include what you would like the announcer to say as you pass by the Judges stand. Keep it to only about 30 seconds, because the entry behind you will have their information too!
  • Parking is on the side streets not the Assembly area on FIRST STREET.  However, the parade ends at the soccer fields (First Street and Lincoln Avenue) and parking is available there also.
  • We have Seafair Parade Marshals support.  Each will be in uniform (light blue shirts and white pants) with radios to communicate.  Go to a Parade Marshal if you have questions!
  • If you are handing out candy: Instruct your crew to get the candy all the way to the curb!  The safest approach is to place the candy right into the kids’ hands!  (I have driven a parade float.  It is impossible to see a child run out into the street in front of you to grab candy!)
  • Throwing of candy is the biggest safety issue we face every year. With everyone’s cooperation, we can make it a fun part of the parade experience. However I am quite serious about the safety aspect and have instructed the Marshals to remove ANY unit caught ‘throwing’ candy. No second chances.  The kid who runs out into the street to grab a piece of candy and gets hit by a vehicle too big to see them won’t get a second chance.


On a much more positive note – Thank you for being a part of the experience! Please join us for other fun events too. The full schedule of events can be found at